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Given the importance of standardized tests, as well as the admissions essays that your child may soon be writing for college, it is critical that you provide adequate support for his or her writing abilities. The ability to effectively communicate is an important factor by which your child's intelligence and maturity will be measured by future colleges and employers. Many students will have high GPAs and be able students in quantitative and verbal reasoning.

However, real distinctions emerge when administrators read an applicant's written words. Writing is such an important skill that not being able to write well can have an extremely negative impact on your child's future. Your child's writing ability will determine everything from whether they get into college to what college they can get into and the type of job they can obtain in the future. Writing can be a long and arduous process.

It is easy to get frustrated at any point along the way, but a private tutor can help encourage and guide them. So whether your child is struggling to start an essay, having difficulty developing the main body, or suffering through trying to write a conclusion, a private tutor can help them through every step of the way. We can help you connect with a tenth-grade writing tutor to help your child work on strengthening these skills, enabling him or her to not only succeed in his or her classes today but likewise lay firm foundations for later success.

Varsity Tutors allows you and your child to connect with a private tutor either in-person or face-to-face online. This provides the flexibility and freedom to pick a time and location that works best for you and your child. So whether your child feels most comfortable studying outside, in a library, at a local coffee shop, at your home, or online, a private tutor can meet them there. With many experienced tutors available to meet your needs, why hesitate to find the assistance that can lead your child to success both today and in the future? Call or email us today to connect with a tenth-grade writing tutor in your area.

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What is your name? What is your zip code? What is your email address? Email Address. What is your phone number? Featured by. Tutors from. Looking for "10th Grade Writing tutors near me"? Varsity Tutors can help. Show More It is very difficult to provide adequate feedback about a student's writing abilities in the context of a group class or in the limited time available during after-school tutoring programs. So today, we shifted our focus to preparing him to write his English paper. This paper is quite a bit shorter than the history paper, so he should be well prepared with the experience from the history paper under his belt.

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Again, today we worked on honing a thesis, crafting paragraphs, and shaping a coherent outline. We covered themes from all three books that overlap in preparation for her final tomorrow, which will be an in-class essay. We also went over some literary terms and went through an essay that she wrote on Oedipus. She'll revise her Oedipus essay over the next two weeks and we'll go over it again next time. We reviewed previous exams and practice questions to identify major areas and content that he would need to be well-versed in, and then constructed several specific, hands-on activities for him to complete to ensure the best possible content retention.

He has a good chance of doing well on the exam as long as he sticks to his study plan. Hopefully he will take advantage of the exercises in order to prepare himself. We gave some special attention to timed writing strategies as well.

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In class, the students have been reading a wide selection of poets and were then asked to emulate the stylistic tropes of their favorites. The student, who enjoyed reading Shakespearean sonnets, was striving to write a few of her poems in iambic pentameter. For her main poem, she has been drawing upon her private life and was writing about a recent personal loss.

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