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How do I format my paper in Chicago Style? What is author-date style? Why do I have to cite sources? How do I know when to cite something? How many sources can I cite in one note?

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How do I cite the same source many times? Chicago style: online resources These free online resources websites are good resources for learning more about Chicago style and will answer your basic questions. Sample papers are available to help with formatting questions. Chicago style: library resources There are two key resources for using Chicago style and both are available in print at your campus library.

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  5. Booth Revised by ; Gregory G. T8 Examples of papers in Chicago style The Bedford Handbook , 9th edition, has sample pages from a Chicago research paper on pages to help you with formatting. Chicago style with NoodleTools Select Chicago style for your project in NoodleTools for a properly formatted bibliography and footnote.

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    Schematically, here is what the Chicago Style looks like. The short answer would be: refer to your assignment requirements.

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    If you have no access to them or there is no specific requirement, use the following information to determine correct formatting. So, if it applies to you, choose that option.

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    The author-date style is used in the social sciences, so if you study things like economics, history, law, linguistics, psychology, sociology, international relations, anthropology, communication, education, culture, and other socially-oriented disciplines, the endnote style is the right one for you. There is a significant difference between footnotes and endnotes.

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    Footnotes include information about bibliography at the end of the page at the footer , while the endnote style puts that information at the very end of your paper, in the bibliography section. This fact explains the origin of their names: footnotes come at the foot of the page, while endnotes are placed at its end. If you need a paper written in Chicago style or any other specific format, PrivateWriting is here to help you. Place your order now, and we will start working on it immediately.

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