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You can filter for any number of things like cultural organizations, service, special interests, pre-professional societies, visual and performing arts, sports, etc. Oftentimes, students have personal reasons for choosing their first choice major that go beyond professional prestige, money, academic interests, or hobbies.

For my fourth-grade science project, I wanted to demonstrate various clean energy processes. My dad and I spent hours developing model solar panels, a water turbine, and a wind turbine after excitingly researching how they worked. Since then, I have learned everything I could about energy. Both of my parents studied electrical engineering. Their support has been a strong influence in my interest to pursue engineering and research. As CEO, I would open a division dedicated to developing an ideal battery for our electronics.

Most modern electronics, including phones, laptops, and even electric cars, require lithium-ion batteries. They are the most efficient power source currently available, but I see opportunities for innovation. With many countries planning to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles, the electric car industry will flourish. However, since mining lithium is unsustainable and expensive, I would like to be a pioneering leader who develops the panacea of power sources for our electronics.

Studying as an Aggie would provide me with the resources and opportunities to further investigate research, and produce revolutionary products in the world of energy.

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Because I am concerned about future sustainability, I would love to research under the distinguished Professor Mehrdad Ehsani regarding sustainable energy systems and electric vehicles. As an Aggie, I will not only be able to benefit from the surroundings of my home state, but I will also be able to push the limits of my knowledge. I look forward to joining a supportive scientific community and the welcoming environment of College Station. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to view the world from the sky.

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I remember my tour of the Boeing factory in Everett, Washington vividly. The impressive machines, enormous aircraft, and the brilliant minds bustling around created an infectious atmosphere. Aerospace engineering is the perfect balance for my interests in problem-solving, applied science, and aviation. During my on-campus visit in July, I learned about the different degree tracks and research opportunities. I also want to be part of research and industry teams who are pushing forward the next generation of aircraft. These academic and professional resources learning alongside enthusiastic classmates create an environment that will promote my growth and long-term advancement in the field of aerospace engineering.

Like my classmates, I went through the motions in Algebra II and complained about quadratic equations, questioning how we would ever use it in the real world.

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I love calculus because it brings order to our chaotic world. Underneath the surface and outside of our perceptual abilities are mathematical structures that reveal order and calm. Math allows us to understand fundamental aspects of chemistry, biology, and physics, and it offers a quantitative perspective on various subjects while also revealing an interconnectedness. Math creates a common bond and invites everyone to communicate and find meaning regardless of culture, language, age, or religion.

Therefore, I find that engineering is the best way to pursue my passion for mathematics and contributing to the improvement of the world. Taking calculus helps me realize that there are solutions to unpredictable and seemingly unsolvable problems.

Include any experiences e. In addition, briefly address any of the following ONLY if it applies to you: -If you have overcome personal hardship or barriers that impacted your educational pathway. How do you currently contribute to some forms of design and engineering, and how do you hope to do so in your future? How will majoring in HCDE prepare you for that future?

What contribution do you imagine making to the department?

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We suggest limiting your response to words. NOTE: Drop-in advising will be available March from pm, and April from am, and pm. Also, you may wish to discuss any unusual circumstances that may contribute to a better understanding of your record, or any personal hardship or barriers you have faced, and explain how they affected your education. Mechanical Engineering Major: Mechanical Engineering Write a brief personal statement approximately one page, single-spaced that will give the departmental admissions committee a better understanding of your interest in this program.

For example, if you have overcome significant obstacles medical, financial, cultural or personal to reach where you are now, you may describe them in the essay. Skip to main content.

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Main menu About Us. Find a Faculty Member Why UW Engineering? Student Guide. Additional Links. Quick Links. Essays Questions for each Major Provided below are the personal statement prompts used for each specific engineering major. Write a brief statement approximately one page, single-spaced telling us about your motivation for majoring in Civil Engineering, the experiences e. Applicants who are approved to apply conditionally must address it in their personal statement when and where the outstanding course s will be completed.

Major: Environmental Engineering Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering The purpose of the personal statement is to give the departmental admissions committee a better understanding of your interest in this program. Write a brief statement approximately one page, single-spaced telling us about your motivation for majoring in Environmental Engineering, the experiences e. You should address the following topics in your personal statement. Tell us about your academic and personal interests and goals. Discuss how your personal experiences prepare you to solve problems in diverse teams, and for a diverse world. Optional elements include if applicable : If you have applied to CSE before, tell us specifically how you have improved as an applicant since your previous application.

Describe any challenges or hardships you have overcome in pursuing your education.

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For example: serious illness; disability; first generation in your family to attend college; significant financial hardship or responsibilities associated with balancing work, family, and school. Include how you persevered, and how the experience s impacted yourself or your education. If you plan to pursue more than one major, tell us why both majors are important to you. If you will take more than 4 years to graduate, please briefly explain why and discuss your plan for graduating efficiently.

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Your personal statement should be approximately be one page, single-spaced. Major: Computer Science Computer science and engineering requires a range of skills, including creativity, teamwork, and strong academic ability.