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The image thus acquired is an unprocessed image. It is the first stage of a vision system. A single sensor like photodiode can be used for Image Acquisition. The motion should be in both x and y directions to obtain a 2D image from a single sensor. Image Acquisition can also be done through line sensor and array sensor. Initial setup and long-term maintenance of the hardware is the major factor in the image acquisition process. Real-time image acquisition is also one of the forms of image acquisition.

This area has a tremendous scope for research.

Image Restoration is the process of creating a clean, original image by performing operations on the degraded image. The degradation can be blur, noise which diminishes the quality of the image. In image restoration, the process that blurred the image is reversed to obtain the original image.

This process is entirely different from the process of image enhancement in the sense that image enhancement improves the features of the image. Following are the main methods of image restoration process:. Object detection and recognition system in images are defined as web-based applications whose aim is to detect the multiple objects from various types of images.

Recognition is done after the image performing the detection.


Object detection and recognition are similar techniques to identify an image but having different execution methods. Object detection method helps to find the instance of objects in images. Object detection is defined as the subset of object recognition, where the object is not only identified but also located in an image. This allows multiple objects to be identified and located within the same image.

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Watermarking is a technique used to hide information inside digital media and is mainly used as a method for copyright protection. The digital media can be text, image, video, or audio. The process of digital image watermarking is categorized into the following three stages:. The main applications of Digital Image Watermarking include:. Steganography is the process of embedding information in some other file for security purposes. Only authorized sender and receiver will be aware of the hidden data in this case. The main attributes of steganography are:.

These were some of the current topics in digital image processing for M. Tech and Ph. You can contact us for any kind of thesis-related help on any these topics. However, low recognition performance and various vulnerable slots in online speaker recognition systems are two main problems. Although some of these slots can be secured by digital speech watermarking, applying robust watermark can still seriously degrade the recognition performance of online speaker recognition systems.

The main aim of this thesis was to improve the security of the communication channel, robustness, and recognition performance of online speaker recognition systems by applying digital speech watermarking.

Digital image watermarking phd thesis

For this reason, a double digital speech watermarking was developed to embed semi-fragile and robust watermarks simultaneously in the speech signal to provide tamper detection and proof of ownership respectively. For watermarking the encrypted PIN in voice, a blind and robust digital speech watermarking was used by applying DWPT and multiplication. A frame selection technique was also applied to weigh the amount of speaker-specific information available inside the speech frames.

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In the developed frame selection technique, Linear Predictive Analysis LPA was applied to separate the system features formants and source features residual errors of the speech frames. Then, a frequency weighted function was used to quantify the formants. First, a power constaint formulation of the problem is presented. Then, a new analysis of quantisation effects on the information rate of digital watermarking scheme is proposed and compared to other approaches suggested in the literature.

Subsequently, a new information embedding technique, based on quantisation, is put forward and its performance evaluated. Finally, the influence of image data representation on the performance of practical scheme is studied along with a new representation based on independent component analysis.

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