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Acceptance and caring are at the heart of engaging classroom diversity.

Essay on Diversity and Multicultural Education in the Classroom

The Reading Teacher, 50 7 , Better Essays words 3. Diversity can refer to socio-economic background, religion, gender identify, sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity among other possible identities. Over the past twenty years or so, the use of multicultural education, in particular multicultural literature, has become a commonplace form of diversity promotion in the classroom.

Multicultural education refers to any sort of education or teaching which takes into account the values, beliefs, histories, and perspectives of those from varying cultural backgrounds Better Essays words 4. This change is not only affect the people in the community but also affect the way education is viewed. Teaching diversity in the classroom and focusing multicultural activities in the programs can help improve positive social behavior in children. There is no question that the education must be prepared to embrace the diversity and to teach an increasingly diverse population of young children.

In society today, we are working with families and children are more diverse than ever Better Essays words 3 pages. The enemy has teachers, administrators, and counselors working around the clock trying to figure out how to get classrooms across the nation back in line. Behavior problems, first, reared its ugly head in students who were in gangs, on drugs or just bullies.

Now in the 21 century, classrooms are being filled more with students from diverse backgrounds Changes will need to be made to the way our country operates, especially in education. New, innovative and inclusive ways of teaching will replace traditional methods. Schools are the places where the children shape their personalities and behavior.

Like a child who shapes his or her personal outlook, even the school will be shaped by diverse cultural practices and values of the society.

In essence, schools also reflect the existing norms of the society for which they set up. Interrelated and closely bonded beliefs and values are very common the culture of the schooling.

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Essay on Diversity in Education

In this chapter, an attempt was made to relate the basic ideology that underlines the culture in the US with many core values and beliefs. In addition, a link was made to relate the basic ideology as a means of divulging the deeper meaning of culture. Child rearing is a very meaningful approach that one can use to reveal the deeper meaning of the culture. Rearing children in a classroom has a strong link with the underlying culture of diverse ethnic groups.

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Several authors in the past have tried to explain what childrearing is, especially in the context of existing cultural practices. Almost all authors believe that childrearing is a mirror of different cultural ideologies along with practices and values of different cultures. Ogbu Ogbu, believes that parents prepare their children for the society and the world as they know and experience it. Society can easily influence and shape our schools.

The core values and practices of the society are some of the critical factors that shape our schools. Educators, students and parents may never understand the deeper meaning of culture within the ambience of school learning. Traditional definitions of culture given by noted anthropologists may not be sufficient for designing and executing school learning experiences that are so common in culturally different settings.

In this section, we will treat objectifying culture as the basic step in the process of designing and constructing a simple and workable definition of culture. This simple working definition will help us streamline planning school learning experiences among different people.

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A simple depersonalization process that helps us in conducting critical examination of the ideologies that support accepted and acknowledged social behavior and cultural practices. Ideologies and beliefs can reflect different aspects of deep meaning of culture. Schools are the learning centers that also reflect the cultural norms of a larger sized society. Deeper meaning of the culture can also be revealed through inspecting and evaluating ideologies and any interconnected beliefs and values.

One can also reveal the deep meaning of culture by including communication among parents, teachers and students, and different social interaction patterns, as well as childrearing methods and practices. Every teacher is different. Each one of them has own ideological stance and understanding of culture.

Diversity in the Classroom Essay -- Education

In fact, these two viewpoints shape how they see school curriculum, learning process, pedagogy and social context that allow learning in school. In nutshell, the way and manner in which a teacher understands the culture influences in the school, will ultimately influence his or her ability to provide meaningful and productive learning experiences to the students.

Short Essay on Unity In Diversity For School Children - High School

This chapter will provide two main benefits:. Hollins Hollins, reported about an approach, which was identified as a structured dialogue, playing an important tool to assist convert the culture of practice followed in a low performing school.

The Culture of Practice in a Struggling School

In such schools, teachers also learned how to teach traditionally underserved urban students. The first part of this chapter presents you the study as reported by Hollins. On the other hand, the second section of this chapter deals with the things that teachers learned in their classroom, in the form of a structure that is planned at divulging the deeper meaning of culture within the ambience of a school. The main goal of this dedicated discussion is to bring an awareness of the culture of practice in very low performing urban schools. This expertise will empower you to evaluate your own progress as a dedicated classroom teacher and shun possible scenarios where you will be introduced unconsciously to the prevailing practice of culture.

It may lead to loss of cultural identity and create more confusion in the minds of the students. Segregation: It is the biggest problem that a diverse classroom may face. Students of similar cultural background tend to stick together rather than mingling with others who are different from them. As a result, new groups are formed hampering the process of collaborative learning. Due to the formation of different social groups tensions are bound to occur making students less tolerant of each other.

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Quality of teaching: The quality of teaching suffers if the knowledge levels of the students are dissimilar. Teachers may face enormous problems in teaching new students especially if they are not able to understand the concepts. In addition, few students face language barriers that can hamper effective communication. Instructors need to work overtime in order to eliminate the differences. Sometimes learning difference may create stereotypical views in the minds of the teachers which transforms into prejudices over a period of time. It can spoil the learning process leading to poor results in the class.