Essay on gujarat earthquake of 26th january 2001

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2001 Gujarat Earthquake

This was the worst earth quake India has experienced after independence. Though natural calamities has hit India now and then. The devastating cyclone that hit the Andhra coast in claimed a toll of more than 25, lives.

However, the cyclone management measures taken after the above disaster restricted the death toll to under in may, cyclone, through it was much more severe than the previous one. The great earthquake that hit Latur and Khillari in Maharashtra in , took a toll of lives. Earthquakes in Uttarkashi, Jabalpur can also not be forgotten. The floods and drought are other natural calamities which affect millions of people.

Information on Earthquake in India: Gujarat Earthquake National Relief Fund

To be fore-warned is to fore-armed. It is high time that both the government and the people took a lesson from the unforgettable experiences of the Gujarat earthquake. Today the dire need is setting up an independent department of disaster management at the Centre and in every state. Relief, rehabilitation and preventive work in a haphazard or adhoc manner will lead nowhere. Not only people but to a certain extent the economy of the region is also affected by these calamities.

Comparing Two Earthquakes Essay - Words | Cram

The best homage that we can pay to our dead countrymen and the best service we can reassure to the survivors is that Gujarat earthquake will not be repeated. For this everything possible should be done to rebuild the lives of all those who have lost everything in life-their dear ones, their homes, their means of livelihood and even the mere desire to live.

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  4. The tragedy of Gujarat is the tragedy of the entire country and the burden of the lost and dispossessed will become light once they know that the entire country is behind them. Article shared by image source: 3. Review of Indian Constitution — Essay.