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Learning English Daily: Report Writing for SPM

Both panels had the hard time choosing the final winners for the competition. Damian Phun from class 5K emerged as the champion with the score 91 out of marks.

He took away hamper worth RM and cash RM Both judges were stunned with his impressive performance when his turn to deliver the speech. For the poem recitation competition, it took place in the school hall. Every class in the afternoon session were required to have a representative to participate in the competition. It was the last activity carried out in English Fortnight. Each participant was allowed to recite the poem of their choice within 5 minutes. Ong and Ms Lim were the panels to evaluate the performance of all the participants.

English Week Programme Report - Primary School

They allocated the marks for the pronunciation of the grammars, the gesture, and the rhythm of the poem. All the participants prepared well as they managed to recite the poems with different rhythms. All the students applaused for their great performances to show their supports. She took away cash RM and hamper worth RM The implementation of both programmes were a success.

All the activities went well smoothly. To have a better performance in organising programmes in the future, English Language society had numerous meetings to discuss about the progress of the programmes and to analyse both programmes. All the teachers had played their part according to the organising committees set. Any arguments incurred the teachers would calm down first before discussing in order to find out the solutions. The students were cooperative too as most of them were active in participating in the programmes designed. They were not shy to take part in it, vice versa, they volunteered themselves to represent the class respectively in the competitions.

Through the programmes planned by the English Language society, all the students were given a chance to expose to the use of English. They had the opportunity to practise English in the daily life. Some of the students realised the importance of English and began to speak in English when communicating with students or even teachers. Through writings, students would be able to increase the vocabularies. The writing skills would be increased too. Through speaking, students would be confidence to communicate with others in English.

They would not be shy to speak in English. Though listening, students would tend to understand what others say.

They would not be blurred with what others say. Indirectly this will greatly enhance the discussions among students and establish good relationship among each other. In short, the programmes provided a medium for all the students to learn English and to speak English among them. Without support from parents and school administration, both programmes would not success.

The Importance Of Language In The World English Language Essay

During the planning of the programmes, English Language society received great support from both parties. This indirectly boost up the progress of the plannings and the programmes were very successful. School administration had contributed the equipment needed such as PA system, the classroom and so on. Meanwhile, parents had played their part in encouraging their children to take part in the competitions organised. Morever, English Language society managed to seek for sponsorship from outsiders. The committee members approached to local companies to request for sponsorships of the hampers.

The companies were willing to play their part in corporate social responsibilities by sponsoring the hampers and providing the incentives as the fund of the programmes. Nevertheless, English Language society had noticed few weaknesses that are needed to improve. All these participants were the school representatives for speech competitions. Indirectly this will discourage other students to take part as they think that they will definitely lose to the school representatives. Their confidence was gone before competing.

Besides, the PA system of the school was old and not modern enough.

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During competitions such as choir singing competitions, the committee members often faced the problem that PA system was malfunctioning. The competition could not go smoothly. The malfunctioning of PA system nearly caused the competition to be delayed and could not finish on time. Furthermore, in the progress of the competitions, some students tend to give excuses such as going to toilets to leave the classroom.

Indeed they went to watch the competitions and support their classmates. They would rather played truancy to watch the competitions that staying in the class to study. In order to maintain the English programmes at high spirit, English Language society would like to share some suggestions and recommendations for improvements. First of all, English Language society would wish that the school administration would give the permission to extend the activities to be carried out outside the formal schooling hours, regardless the time and places.

This is to enable the students or parents to watch the competitions and to give support to the participants.

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  • For the broken PA system, the school administration is advised to take immediate action to send the PA system for repairing and maintenance in order to maintain the good quality of the equipment. Furthermore, teachers should often encourage the students to speak English in the class through a series of indoor activities. Monitors are ought to lead the class to talk in English too. Students will be influenced when most of the students speak in English. Students should not tease those who are weaker in English, vice versa, they should become guiders to help them improve their English.

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