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I discovered that musical theatre is and must be the path I take in order to pursue happiness. Acting on the musical stage is my passion, because it gave me the confidence in having my own opinion and view on the world and it has lead me to discover my talent of telling a story to an audience.

Before I ever stepped foot into a rehearsal, I never expressed how open minded I really am. My family. My passion Since I was 5 years, I have been involved and worked with the children trying to mentor and educate them on issues that face them and how they can overcome them. I am always disturbed by young boys and girls whose lives went to waste due to uninformed, unfortunate choices and decision that they make. As I grew older I have seen my friends and other youth livings in my environs come to seek advice, support and inspiration from me on issues that they are facing.

I have been brought up. Perkins really falls upon me. She has always singled out me as the poem racier in her linguistic class. I slammed my locker in front of my face. The last year of high school always the best for everyone but it does not go the same for me. Adam Adrianne Alex Passion, was. Every person has his own emotional feeling as the passions. Passions are like the storm, they lead boats to different ports. They are intense emotion, compelling feelings, enthusiasm, and desire for anything.

Passion often applies to lively interest in and admiration for a proposal. For instance, Edison had a passion of create. His passion had pushed him toward his way of life. It led him to be the greatest scientist in the world. When I was three years old, my mom took me to my first ballet class with my little pink leotard and matching pink tights and pink ballet shoes.

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I will never forget the feeling of excitement that filled me after my first class and I knew then that dancing will always be around for quite awhile. We would perform at the San Mateo Performing Arts. I still remember my. My passion Every person is a unique combination of genes and cultures. Every person faces different options and makes different decisions that eventually come so shape the very essence of who he or she is. The imageist Clay rejects it beggars cannot be choosers essay format and matru devo bhava pitru devo bhava essay writing warns that Berried gets angry.

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The matzo of matzo balls was a necessity as the Jewish people did not have time for their bread to rise as they fled slavery in Egypt. Our food is an expression of our history, commemorating both our struggles and our triumphs. These people, intending only to pray and celebrate the Sabbath with their community, were murdered simply for being Jewish.

This brutal event, in a temple and city much like my own, is a reminder that anti-Semitism still exists in this country. A reminder that hatred of Jews, of me, my family, and my community, is alive and flourishing in America today. The thought that a difference in religion would make some believe that others do not have the right to exist is frightening and sickening.

This is why, if given the chance, I would sit down the entire Jewish American community at one giant Shabbat table. We would take time to remember the beautiful souls lost to anti-Semitism this October and the countless others who have been victims of such hatred in the past. I would then ask that we channel all we are feeling—all the fear, confusion, and anger —into the fight. We must remind our neighbors, both Jewish and non-Jewish, that anti-Semitism is alive and well today.

We must shout and scream and vote until our elected leaders take this threat to our community seriously. And, we must stand with, support, and listen to other communities that are subjected to vengeful hate today in the same way that many of these groups have supported us in the wake of this tragedy. This terrible shooting is not the first of its kind, and if conflict and loathing are permitted to grow, I fear it will not be the last. While political change may help, the best way to target this hate is through smaller-scale actions in our own communities.

It is critical that we as a Jewish people take time to congregate and heal together, but it is equally necessary to include those outside the Jewish community to build a powerful crusade against hatred and bigotry.

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As disagreements arise during our discussions, we will learn to respect and treat each other with the fairness we each desire. Together, we shall share the comfort, strength, and courage that traditional Jewish foods provide and use them to fuel our revolution.

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We are not alone in the fight despite what extremists and anti-semites might like us to believe. So, like any Jew would do, I invite you to join me at the Shabbat table. First, we will eat. Then, we will get to work. She plans to attend graduate school and become a school psychologist while continuing to pursue her passion for reading and writing. However, most of my friends answered sentimentally and listed the foods that made them happy.

This seems like fun and games, but what happens if the hypothetical changes? Imagine being asked, on the eve of your death, to choose the final meal you will ever eat. What food would you pick? Something practical? This situation is the reality for the 2, American prisoners who are currently awaiting execution on death row. It is difficult for us to imagine someone eating steak, lobster tail, apple pie, and vanilla ice cream one moment and being killed by state-approved lethal injection the next.

Surprisingly, many people in prison decline the option to request a special last meal. We often think of food as something that keeps us alive, so is there really any point to eating if someone knows they are going to die? There are deeper stories that lie behind the final meals of individuals on death row. To accomplish this, I would host a potluck where I would recreate the last meals of prisoners sentenced to death. These meals could range from a plate of fried chicken, peas with butter, apple pie, and a Dr.

Seeing these meals up close, meals that many may eat at their own table or feed to their own kids, would force attendees to face the reality of the death penalty. It will urge my guests to look at these individuals not just as prisoners, assigned a number and a death date, but as people, capable of love and rehabilitation. Over the years, I have become skeptical of the American judicial system, especially when only seven states have judges who ethnically represent the people they serve. I was shocked when I found out that the officers who killed Michael Brown and Anthony Lamar Smith were exonerated for their actions.

How could that be possible when so many teens and adults of color have spent years in prison, some even executed, for crimes they never committed? Lawmakers, police officers, city officials, and young constituents, along with former prisoners and their families, would be invited to my potluck to start an honest conversation about the role and application of inequality, dehumanization, and racism in the death penalty.

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Food served at the potluck would represent the humanity of prisoners and push people to acknowledge that many inmates are victims of a racist and corrupt judicial system. Recognizing these injustices is only the first step towards a more equitable society. The second step would be acting on these injustices to ensure that every voice is heard, even ones separated from us by prison walls. Paisley Regester is a high school senior and devotes her life to activism, the arts, and adventure.

Inspired by her experiences traveling abroad to Nicaragua, Mexico, and Scotland, Paisley hopes to someday write about the diverse people and places she has encountered and share her stories with the rest of the world. Harsh words for my father to hear from his daughter but words he needed to hear.

Words I needed him to understand and words he seemed to consider as he fiddled with his wine glass at the head of the table. Our guests, my grandma, and her neighbors remained resolutely silent.

They were not about to defend my drunken father—or Charles as I call him—from my anger or my ultimatum. This was the first dinner we had had together in a year. The last meal we shared ended with Charles slopping his drink all over my birthday presents and my mother explaining heroin addiction to me. So, I wasn't surprised when Charles threw down some liquid valor before dinner in anticipation of my anger. If he wanted to be welcomed on Christmas, he needed to be sober—or he needed to be gone.