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Pip is horrified. All of his expectations are demolished. There is no grand design by Miss Havisham to make Pip happy and rich, living in harmonious marriage to Estella. The convict tells Pip that he has come back to see him under threat of his life, since the law will execute him if they find him in England. Pip is disgusted with him, but wants to protect him and make sure he isn't found and put to death.

Herbert and Pip decide that Pip will try and convince Magwitch to leave England with him. Magwitch tells them the story of his life. From a very young age, he was alone and got into trouble. In one of his brief stints actually out of jail, Magwitch met a young well-to-do gentleman named Compeyson who had his hand in everything illegal: swindling, forgery, and other white collar crime.

Compeyson recruited Magwitch to do his dirty work and landed Magwitch into trouble with the law. Magwitch hates the man. Herbert passes a note to Pip telling him that Compeyson was the name of the man who left Miss Havisham on her wedding day. Pip breaks down and confesses his love for Estella.

Estella tells him straight that she is incapable of love -- she has warned him of as much before -- and she will soon be married to Drummle. Back in London, Wemmick tells Pip things he has learned from the prisoners at Newgate. Pip is being watched, he says, and may be in some danger. As well, Compeyson has made his presence known in London. Wemmick has already warned Herbert as well.

Pip has dinner with Jaggers and Wemmick at Jaggers' home. During the dinner, Pip finally realizes the similarities between Estella and Jaggers' servant woman. Jaggers' servant woman is Estella's mother! On their way home together, Wemmick tells the story of Jaggers' servant woman. It was Jaggers' first big break-through case, the case that made him.

He was defending this woman in a case where she was accused of killing another woman by strangulation. The woman was also said to have killed her own child, a girl, at about the same time as the murder. Miss Havisham asks Pip to come visit her. He finds her again sitting by the fire, but this time she looks very lonely.

Pip tells her how he was giving some of his money to help Herbert with his future, but now must stop since he himself is no longer taking money from his benefactor. Miss Havisham wants to help, and she gives Pip nine hundred pounds to help Herbert out. She then asks Pip for forgiveness. Pip tells her she is already forgiven and that he needs too much forgiving himself not to be able to forgive others.

Pip goes for a walk around the garden then comes back to find Miss Havisham on fire! Pip puts the fire out, burning himself badly in the process. The doctors come and announce that she will live.

Great Expectations

Pip goes home and Herbert takes care of his burns. Herbert has been spending some time with Magwitch at Clara's and has been told the whole Magwitch story. Magwitch was the husband of Jaggers' servant woman, the Tigress. The woman had come to Magwitch on the day she murdered the other woman and told him she was going to kill their child and that Magwitch would never see her. And Magwitch never did. Pip puts is all together and tells Herbert that Magwitch is Estella's father. It is time to escape with Magwitch.

Herbert and Pip get up the next morning and start rowing down the river, picking up Magwitch at the preappointed time. They are within a few feet of a steamer that they hope to board when another boat pulls alongside to stop them.

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In the confusion, Pip sees Compeyson leading the other boat, but the steamer is on top of them. The steamer crushes Pip's boat, Compeyson and Magwitch disappear under water, and Pip and Herbert find themselves in a police boat of sorts. Magwitch finally comes up from the water. He and Compeyson wrestled for a while, but Magwitch had let him go and he is presumably drowned. Once again, Magwitch is shackled and arrested.


Magwitch is in jail and quite ill. Pip attends to the ailing Magwitch daily in prison. Pip whispers to him one day that the daughter he thought was dead is quite alive. Pip falls into a fever for nearly a month.

Great Expectations

Creditors and Joe fall in and out of his dreams and his reality. When he was waiting for her he sees Wemmick who asks him to go to the prison with him. Again we have the contrast between the beauty of Estella and a place like a prison which is gloomy and sordid. But more than a contrast there is a relation between these two ideas. When Estella arrives she says she has to go to Richmond where she is going to be introduced to many people and Pip can go there whenever he wants. Both of them talk about their fate and Estella thinks they have to do what they are said. At that moment she lets Pip to kiss her for the second time in the novel.

It seems as though Estella did this whenever she finds Pip share her situation or her opinions.

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An important chapter is chapter At this moment of the narration we have the discussion between Miss Havisham and Estella. Six chapters later, Pip makes a new visit to Estella and he declares his love to her. Eleven years later Pip meets Estella in Satis House. Pip thinks Estella has lost part of her beauty. Both of them talk and Estella recognizes she has thought about Pip. All this takes place in a very peculiar setting: at night, with the stars shining and in a ruined house. They have not fulfiled their own expectations. The great lesson Estella learns is that goodness does not come from a high social rank, it comes from inner nature.

As a star is a heavenly body which has its own light Estella is a cold character who has a positive inner quality which is honesty. Estella is an example of how a woman, with good inner principles, has been a human failure because of the bad education she has received. One of Dickens' most prominent figures in Great Expectations is the character of Estella.

She plays a major role in the life of the main character, Pip.

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He is completely consumed with love and desire for her even though she has been influenced not to expose any feelings towards men Dyson Estella's cold-hearted, proud, and blunt mannerisms are in contrast to the symbolism of her name that is likened to a star in the galaxy. Similar to that symbolism, however, she shines but is unattainable Partlow Throughout Estella's life, she eventually learns how to deal with feelings in Imprisonment is a lack of any kind of freedom.

In Charles Dickens's novel Great Expectations there are many examples of imprisonment. Dickens created the characters Estella, Herbert, and Molly with a lack of freedom. These three characters were imprisoned because they could not make their own choices. Estella had very little freedom. Miss Havisham controlled every aspect of her life. She was forced to carry out Miss Havisham's revenge on men, and she tortured Pip only because she had been raised and told to do so.

The first time they met, Miss Havisham told her to break Pip's heart and Estella Great Expectations: SymbolismIn life, symbolism is present all around us. Whether it is in the clothes wewear, the things we do, or what we buy, everything has a meaning. Symbolism isalso present in literature and it is shown in Charles Dickens Great Expectations.

The symbols of isolation, manipulation, the tragic hero, and wanting to besomeone else are seen throughout the book through the characters of Estella,Magwitch, Miss Havisham, and Pip. The character of Estella represents the symbols of isolation and manipulation. By acting as an adult when she was still young, she separated herself from Pipand others.

This was due in large part In life, symbolism is present all around us. Symbolism isalso present in literature and it is shown in Charles Dickens GreatExpectations. The symbols of isolation, manipulation, the tragic hero, andwanting to be someone else are seen throughout the book through the charactersof Estella, Magwitch, Miss Havisham, and Pip. The character of Estellarepresents the symbols of isolation and manipulation.

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Pip must learn that there are good and bad virtues regardless of whom the person may be. Dickens' narrative is written about his own childhood upbringing and how it has affected his life. Pip struggles with being honest about himself and he is confused about who he is.