Patterns in essay writing

This technique employs the vast usage of prepositions to give a vivid and clear description of the surroundings and circumstances in existence in that location. There will be directional cues for the reader in this form of writing which will explain the exact order of location of where each object and character lies within the setting. If the writing guide for students designated by the institute demands the writer to present a description of a specific scene this technique is the most ideal for the purpose.

As the name suggests this type of essay is used to relinquish information to the reader. It will provide information of what events will concur if a certain stimulus is applied to the current state of affairs. Precise logic will be defined by the author giving appropriate references, as required, to present information of the next series of events which will follow a given impulse.

It will administer information as well as propound reasoning related to each incitement.

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If a certain evocation leads to more than one consequence, all of its culminations must be comprehensively propounded. This form of writing is often used to describe particular processes as is the case in psychology essays to understand the matter at hand. The order of events occurring is of primary significance in this form of writing. There are certain works and sections of writing which must be written completely in chronological order.

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A good example of this is a history book, the bibliography section or legal case studies. All of these works will describe a sequence of events in the order of the time they occur. Chronological order must be implemented on two levels. First, each paragraph must have a noticeable and well defined beginning, middle and end. Secondly, the entire work also needs to follow a definite pattern of chronological order.

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This type of writing can be used to impart detailed directions to complete a task. This composition will divide the main subject in to sub-categories. Writing needs to follow an understandable and logical structure.

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The main categories will be set forth first. There are no strict rules which pattern should be used for an effective conveying of ideas.

Think carefully of patterns that make sense, and would help your readers get a better understanding of the information. Besides, paper organization principles have many variations, and very often, different methods are combined. Writing an impressive high school or college academic essay depends on the logical organization of the content. Organizing your thoughts is as important as the choice of relevant facts to prove your point of view. For example, in a description of a scene or setting, a specific logical order helps the audience visualize the scene.

It is a type of logical organization pattern that is used in descriptive writing. Its main feature is that things are described as they appear when observed. Focus is on location; time is ignored.

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If talking about descriptions, this method means that the writer explains or describes objects as they are arranged in space. First, the writer has to choose a specific starting point and then create an orderly logical progression by providing readers with directional signals they should follow from place to place. If the description is complicated, you can use a simple chart or diagram to help your readers understand it quickly. A spatial organization of information in paragraphs is also called descriptive writing. It is often used when a narrator wants to describe how something looks.

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A volcano is a beautiful and dangerous natural phenomenon. Logical order of location in space can be used in some narrations, classifications, comparisons, and other forms of expository writings. According to annual weather patterns, there are 6 major climate regions. In the extreme northern latitudes, the climate is polar without any plant life. Next to it, there is cold tundra in the extremes of the north of Asia and North America where we can find shrubs and grasses. In the adjacent temperate regions, there are forests with a rich diversity of plants.

Here is a short list of spatial order signal words which might indicate that a speaker or a writer is following a spatial organization pattern. Many of these words are prepositions that are placed at the beginning of sentences to connect them with the ideas expressed in the preceding sentences.

How to Write a Spatial Essay

The spatial pattern works well when writers want to create mental pictures of something that has various parts distinguished by physical location. You may start by describing a scene, object, or a location as a whole and then focus on specific details in the setting. This type of organization is the best for describing a setting and scene, but writers can also utilize it for giving directions or instructions.