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You can also submit your research results for publication in our student-run Scholarly Undergraduate Research Journal. Aaron Bogle discusses the biochemistry research he presented at Fall Fest. The major also provides an excellent foundation for those wanting to pursue a career in forensic science, intellectual property law, or K teaching. Our nervous system enables us to learn, remember, think, and experience emotion.

Explore how these critical systems develop and function—especially in mammals—and their relationship to behavior and disease.

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Gain experience using software packages to analyze chemical and biochemical systems retrieval, such as analysis of DNA and protein sequence information, and simulations of protein dynamics and ligand binding. Explore how currently available drugs interact with biological systems at the molecular level to combat a range of infections and diseases, and read journal articles to see examples of drug development research. This lab-oriented course will have you making recombining new DNA from two or more existing DNA strands, often from different organisms.

Explore what the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Program has to offer.

Dean's List and Honors: Liberal Arts BA/BS and Engineering

Request Information Loading…. Make sense out of life. Catalog Requirements for: MA. Pursue your degree — and valuable internships — in a region with a national and international reputation for excellence in biomedical innovation and education, including the University of Massachusetts Medical School and biotech companies that are right here in Worcester. Session outlines ways to secure STEM jobs in a competitive marketplace.

Clark student explores genetic structures in tumors to help develop trea Students put their skills to work, from State Street to Dana-Farber. Your Will. Your Way. Skills You Learn Skills you will learn include: How to design a hypothesis, and collect and interpret relevant data How to communicate information orally and in writing How to work as part of a team.

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Honors Program During your junior year, you might be accepted into the biochemistry and molecular biology honors program. Other opportunities include:. Abbott Bioresearch Center Worcester, Mass. Grafton, Mass. CytRx Corp. Los Angeles, Calif.

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Genzyme Cambridge, Mass. Collaborate with Faculty and Present Your Research Collaborate with faculty Some students co-author papers with a faculty mentor and attend professional conferences where they present their research and network with other science professionals. Wu, H. Zellers, R. BMC Bioinformatics, , There is always something going on, especially if you commit to activities and clubs that interest you. And lastly, everything from your classmates to the professor bring alive that feeling that gives UPenn its cannon as an Ivy League; beyond academic excellence, its people are friendly, intellectually curious, driven, and serviceable, willing to share their passions and desire to grow with others.

NU students tend to be fun-loving, driven and ambitious, both in their academic and extra-curricular pursuits. It's definitely a work-hard-play-hard atmosphere when you're on campus, and while there is danger in this as you can easily over-extend yourself and many students do at some point , it makes for a fulfilling four years.

It may seem rough to the outsider but if you're coming from a challenging high school as I did its a relatively seamless transition and I am infinitely happier here at Cornell! I came here expecting the competition to be intense and thank goodness its not ; there's a sense of general comradery amongst engineers. The motto 'any person, any study' is really true. They have just about every major allowing allotting the opportunity to study a great variety of fields.

Invest in a warm coat! I love how the campus is not far from many exciting things in Baltimore like the Inner Harbor, which is full of great stores, food, and other attractions. The dorms at the college are great, and the walks to class are not too bad. There are so many amazing clubs you can be a part of, which is great if you want to be involved while you are at college!

The Core Curriculum introduces truly applicable frameworks for critical thinking that can the applied in a diverse curriculum. At UChicago you can attend your Physics lecture in the morning, work on your film project until you participate in a religious discussion in the afternoon and rehearse with your traditional African music group in the evening. In spite of the lack of affordability, UChicago does offer various ways of financing, including generous financial aid and merit-based scholarships.

However, Uchicago is not need bling to international applicants, which is likely to discourage low-income international students to apply. I loved the campus, it was so beautiful.

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The houses each had their own personality, and cool traditions! I got to play tennis on the courts there and stay with some other girls in the houses themselves. We staying in flemming house and spent a lot of time in the common room! We also were able to tour the academic facilities and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is associated with Caltech and it was truly inspiring to see.

We were given the opportunity to see current projects in JPL like the mars rover! I cannot wait to apply! There's definitely a higher standard and you have to work for your grades but you come out having learned a lot.

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Because it is a private school with lots of appeal in the heart of Los Angeles, it does attract a fair share of ignorant, privileged people. However, you can definitely find genuine people, just keep looking and being you! USC has so many perks and resources and I highly recommend getting involved whether it be sports or clubs! The professors are very experienced and amazing. Read 3, Reviews.

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It has such a wonderfully cozy and collaborative atmosphere, which combined with the unparalleled focus on undergraduate students makes it the best college there is. The only thing people should be aware of is that there will be a large number of wealthy students, so be prepared to face some new socioeconomic diversity. Overall, it is such a safe and fun college set in a beautiful part of the country!

Professors DO seem preoccupied with their research, but most genuinely care about students. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of the university is connected to how pre-professional it is.

https://siglautripinam.cf This can translated to club culture. People are more focused on getting jobs after graduation than most other schools. This is connected to Georgetown's return on investment, however. Well worth coming! It's a beautiful place, inside and out. We've got all sorts of clubs, students and academic interests. Personally, I am very pleased with the Mass and Sacrament availability as well as all the Catholic-related activities. Of course, not everybody is Christian; Notre Dame is a home for all.

I've already found some solid friends with whom I enjoy spending these cold and warm Indiana days.

Everyone here is passionate about something, and one passion we all share is a love for Notre Dame, Our Mother. Go Irish! I've also been able to go to Los Angeles often for endless entertainment, natural beauty, and incredible eats. This place may be tiny, but it is bustling with opportunity.

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The academic experience is robust, with professors who love to teach and peers who love to learn. The Claremont Colleges add so much depth, and each is distinctive enough to venture out to and seek out new perspective. I had my choice of attending a world-renowned university over here, but I could see the difference in how the undergraduates were valued.

The only thing I wish were different was the lack of name brand- Pomona is so unknown by most! Still, if you are willing to work hard, you can go anywhere from here.